Teenage Spotlight: 3/18

Being A Teen…..2k17!

2000, beginning of the new millennium, was when I was born. It’s kinda cool, you know, been born at the beginning of the 21st century and all. But I should say being a teenager is not an easy task! Puberty, raging hormones, unwanted feelings and loads of school work so do not work well together.

Just because we are teens does not mean we don’t have feelings and it also does not mean that each and every decision that we make is not correct. It is true that we don’t actually have the strength to overpower our feelings sometimes. But it is all the acts that we do out of stupidity that someday will give us a good laugh or two. Like this one time when I was in the 9th grade we had this school concert. My friends and I, we were doing an action song but decided to add a bit of dance moves at the end, minus the singing. It was so a last-minute decision and we didn’t actually act it out at the rehearsals. So on the day of the concert, there was so much anger among all the teachers saying that what we did was so inappropriate. What they had thought was we had this surprise act planned all along and the older teachers sure did not like it. I know it’s no big deal but it earned us a free ticket to our principal’s office. We just wanted to be different back then. We just wanted for us to be performing the best act of the whole concert. And the teachers were stupid enough to not understand it. Thinking back to those days, it brought us nothing bad but turned a new page in our collection of memories. The adults made such a fuss because they think we are a bunch of irresponsible kids who don’t know about anything. Anyway, so what I was going to say was that by being a teenager we can make all the good memories that we’ll never be able to make once we are sixty and surrounded by our grandchildren. Even in 2017 my friends and I will do our very best to make more memories that will stay in our hearts for a lifetime.

It is while we are teens that we first fall in love. Desires, temptations, tears, sadness, jars of ice cream comes along in this package. We start feeling much more concern about how we look and always try to appear more attractive. My best friend since 7th grade, she was very pretty with those unique eyes and brown hair but still she had a bit more curves than an average teenager. She found her first love last year and she underwent a totally unbelievable change. It wasn’t just how she looked, her attitude changed all the way. Not in a bad way but she no longer was the silent, shy girl. And this is a fine example of oestrogen and progesterone putting themselves to action. But the world never understands us the, teens. It is like each and every single adult has forgotten what it was like to be a teenager. They  think that we are too young to love. Sometimes we might get a bit mixed up between love and lust  but not every one of us ends up on a bed, right? All the enjoyment that being in love brings us can never be brought in any other way. They say that forbidden fruit is sweet right? Therefore us, teens will always go on exploring new horizons in life. 2o17 is kinda special for me ‘cause I have promised myself never to fall in love and be hurt this year. Hopefully I manage to keep my hormones under-control. Fingers-crossed! 😀

And my favorite thing, school! I’m been as sarcastic as possible. I don’t actually hate school but it’s just we have too much loaded on our heads each and every day. Some days I always keep thinking whether my brain will be able to cope up with everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find some dead brain cells on my pillow after I finish school (that’s not going to happen, I know. Just appreciate my attempt at creating humor). And school here in my country is kinda different, we have this free education system and we take our advanced level exams once we are 19 and the government selects the best students to go into university. I’m not going to blabber on about the education system now ‘cause I’m pretty sure it’s way too complicated. I will actually be starting the two year course for this exam at the end of summer and honestly I’m scared like hell. I have to do well otherwise my parents will be so disappointed. What I want in life is to be a traveller and join one of those travel channels but sometimes our dreams does not meet the expectations of those who look after us. I love my parents, I really do but they expect so much of me and I might not even be capable of them. Anyway, 2017 will be a very challenging year for me as a teen and I really do hope I’ll do well.

All those late night partying, underage-drinking, going into clubs with fake IDs, breaking rules and living a rebellious life is just not for me. I would like to experience all those as a teenager but maybe they probably are for me in another life. And we don’t even have prom dancing or any sort of dancing functions in any school of our country. Maybe we are just too much conventional and traditional. You know like those days when ladies rarely looked at guys and they didn’t even kiss a guy before marriage and all? For us it’s all about watch them in the movies and enjoy! Over the years I have trained myself to be happy with what I have. I have a loving family, a pretty good brain and I wasn’t born ugly or anything. How many people suffer in every corner of the world because they don’t have food to eat, no clothes to wear or no doctors to treat them when they are feeling ill?  I’m just grateful with what I’ve been blessed! And I’m a proud Buddhist who believes in Karma and Nirvana.



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