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Transformation Tuesday: Week 12

So, it has been awhile since I have written on a Tuesday.  Things have been busy and I have been off my game!!!

I have finally got my butt back into gear after moving and so today seemed like the right day to post.

Last week I did all the paperwork that I needed to to switch my “home gym”.  Which found me in my new gym a couple of times last week.  It was really weird.  It is set up differently and they don’t have all the machines that I like.  I am getting used to it, just not EVERY DAY, yet!

The good news is that I am still down my 12 pounds.  I haven’t lost any more, but I haven’t gained any either.  Which is a success as far as I am concerned.

Last week, I finally went grocery shopping and purchased things for smoothies.  Which I was really missing from my routine.

My body feels very sluggish without working out and drinking a smoothie now.  Today I am working a 13 hour day and I knew it would actually be better if I started it out at the gym. So, when I naturally woke up and the clock said 4:00, I got up and went!  There may have been a minute or two of hesitation.

Life is really good and I am still feeling GREAT!  These are the important things and the most most pertinent details of my transformation!


This is me on the first day at my new gym!


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