Making Time For Me in 6 Beautiful Ways

This past week was pretty awesome.  Other than the fact I have had some degree of a headache since Wednesday.  UGH!!!

  • I have been back in the routine of going to the gym, but somehow haven’t pushed myself 3 days in any one week.  I am thinking this will be the week.  I was there this morning at 4am.
  • On Saturday I took the kids Pokemon hunting.  It was rainy here, so that means that we drove real creepily up and down a lot of streets around town.  LOL.  I know what you are thinking…how is this “making time for me”?  Well, if I do something that they really enjoy then that means they are more likely to give me some me time or do something that I really enjoy.
  • After Paul got home from work Saturday we went to one of my happy places.  Witches Hat Brewery in South Lyon.  We love it.  And the kids were so good while we are there, they may really love it there too.
  • I had a Thirty-One party this weekend.  I purposefully planned it for after I moved so that I could get a few things for the new house.  Well it was so successful, that I spent a lot of time picking out exactly the right products to get.

Check out those beautiful pillows!!!  I can’t wait to get those onto our couch.  Not to mention that I picked out other cool totes and accessories that I wouldn’t normally have purchased for myself!

  • I hung up our beautiful new picture in our living room.  See….I like to GET THINGS DONE. When there are things around me that need to be done, I have a hard time relaxing.  So, when I got home before Paul on Monday, I just took matters into my own hand.  LOL.


Our Michigan themed living room is coming along quite well.  I just love it.  Still need some tables and some more artwork, but I am waiting to find the perfect things.

  • I made soup in the crock-pot on Saturday.  Making time for me by placing everything in the crock pot and letting it cook while I had fun!  Also it is one of my favorite soups. Tortellini with spinach and tomatoes.  Even some leftovers for me to take for lunch this week.

How Did You Make Time For Yourself This Week?

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3 thoughts on “Making Time For Me in 6 Beautiful Ways

  1. This week I was able to do yoga almost every night before bed! It has been wonderful, now if only I can stick to the morning workout routine I would be all set, sigh!

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