Making Time For Me….This Time

This past week was full of things that I made time for.  There were a lot that were for me though and it felt fantastic.

I was back in the gym just like I was supposed to be this week, which felt terrific.

I cross-trained like a crazy person.  I got 3 yards of pea gravel delivered and spread it throughout my backyard.  Creating a patio as well as covering a giant chunk of our yard that gets water logged due to big tree roots.

I got in a ton of steps, some heavy lifting, quality time with my kids, plus these big patches of my back yard are no longer giant mud pits!!

I ran outside yesterday.  I was going to run 3 miles.  Closing in on the end of 2 miles though, I felt spent.  I looked at my Map My Run and it turns out I had gone 2 miles in 17 mins.  That is a 8.5 minute mile…yea….that is not my normal pace.  I typically run a 10 min mile.  So, I closed in on home and made breakfast for my family.

Things were a little different in the household this weekend.  James and Jordan stayed with Matt and Jess on Friday.  Jess had picked them and Noah up from school on Friday as a favor for me because I had a work event.  (Thanks Jess)

Noah and I didn’t get home until about 830 on Friday night and I asked him if he wanted to sleep in bed with me. Paul had driven down to Ohio to see Sienna’s dance competition. It was just Noah and I for Friday evening and until mid-afternoon on Saturday.

When we woke up Saturday morning I asked Noah if he wanted to go out to breakfast. He said yes.  We invited my dad and we tried a restaurant that I had wanted to go to for a long time.  It was delicious.  I got Corn Con Queso Benedict….OMG!!


Later on Saturday afternoon Paul, Noah and I went to our favorite brewery.  Spent a little time relaxing and having a couple beers.

We finished all the work in the backyard yesterday.  All the pea gravel is off my drive way!  Then just as we were finishing up, my Dad called to invited us to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  A couple beers and some great wings…a great pay off for a job well done!!

How Did You Make Time for You??



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