Top of the Tuesday to Ya!

Here it is a Tuesday morning in December.  The last Tuesday that stands between us and Christmas Day.  It is raining here in Michigan, all of the snow is nearly gone and it is going to be about 45 degrees today.

I feel refreshed after a wonderful nights sleep next to my love.  So this morning I threw some Bergamot and Lime in the diffuser.  It smells fantastic, just fresh and citrusy (yes that should be a word)  in my room this morning.

I was thinking about what I could write that felt natural, but that would also fall under the “Transformation Tuesday” category.  Then I thought, sleeping next to my love is it!!

I used to be able to sleep by myself.  Fall asleep on my own without him next to me.  I was just fine, I had gotten use to it.  Before 6 years ago, I went to bed on my own nearly every single night of my life.  I crawled into my side of the bed (yes I only slept on one side even when I was single) and could fall into never land with no problem.

I have been ruined in these last 6 years though.  “Transformed” if you will.  I just toss and turn in my bed without him.  Even if he is just downstairs and I am exhausted, the second I come to bed without him….forget about it.

When we moved we got these amazing new couches, they are just as big as a bed.wp-1490609527032.jpg

So, when the hubs isn’t quite ready for bed, but I am exhausted, I cuddle up on him.  It is the best of both worlds, he gets to watch his football and I get my rest.  Before we moved into this house, I can count the number of times I had ever fallen asleep on a couch with one hand.

Paul has always had said that he can’t sleep without me.  That he sleeps terribly when I am gone and I use to say “I sleep just fine without you thrashing and stealing the covers” LOL.  Well, the truth is, now I don’t.  I get better sleep on my couch with the football game roaring as long as I am next to him, then I would alone in my bed.

I even snuggle now too!

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