Trying something new…

I am going to go into this new year and transform my daily “topics”.  I enjoy having a specific goal/topic each day it really helps to keep me focused.  I am a “green” personality and if you want to check out what that means…go here.

Here is the description for my “green” personality: TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS
They are very logical and calculated in their thinking. They do not make “snap decisions; rather, they love to gather data to analyze before making their decision. They are naturally skeptical of people’s motives. They prefer getting facts over having intuition or depending on faith. They are very realistic. They have a tendency to prejudge people. They need a precise plan to follow or they do not function well. They need structure in general. They do not like surprises and are not at all spontaneous. They are perfectionists. They tend to be emotionally detached.

Anyway, I noticed a few weeks ago that there has been some negativity in my life that I need to shake off.  I have been allowing it to soak into me and making me sad and more negative myself.  I don’t want to be that person.  There is a man that I am friends with on Facebook who posts words of wisdom every morning!  I look forward to them every day.

For Wednesdays, I am going to do “when Life Gives You Lemons” inspiration words to help guide or change your thoughts that might be negative or headed in that direction.

Today’s quote is: “Positive people also have negative thoughts.  They just don’t let them grow and ruin their life.” – Live Purposefully Now

Be the positive person 🙂  Happy Wednesday!


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