Ten Minutes to DREAM

What dream is in your heart that you haven’t seen God do for you yet?

There are a lot of dreams on my heart right now.  Things that I have been talking to God about, been brave enough to talk to God about since the first of the year.

I have often thought, I am already so lucky, what right do I have to ask for anything more?  Then I read something earlier this year that said…what does that mean?  Because you have been blessed, because you have known God’s grace and beauty you don’t have the right to talk about what you are still dreaming of?

I am 37 years old and I hope to be on this planet for no less than 37 more.  If I can’t allow myself to dream, that what would I still be doing here?

My 5 year old son is struggling in Kindergarten.  I honestly don’t even understand it.  I am not one of those Mom’s who thinks my kid is perfect, I promise you that I don’t.  I mean I love that little man, but he drives me absolutely bat shit crazy in a way that none of his siblings ever has.

He is a stubborn little mule, he is extremely intelligent, but still somehow channels his inner baby multiple times a day.  It is infuriating.

The e-mails from his teacher have become more frequent.  Concerned about his immaturity and inability to stay on task.  This is honestly something I was not prepared for when we made the decision to enroll him in Kindergarten last year.  It literally never occurred to me that he wouldn’t just sit and do his work.

I pray to God for him every single day.  I pray that whatever he needs just clicks so that he can choose to stay on task.  That he realizes when he does his work, he still gets his play.

This Wednesday we are 100 days into the school year.  Which means, we are just over half way through the year.  He can make it through right?  I mean there is hope that the switch will flip and he everything will make sense to him, right?

My dream is that my youngest son will soar through school.  Even if that looks different then what I think it should.  My dream is that he will go in one day in the very near future and see things differently.  That his teacher will notice a change and I will receive an e-mail about all the positive instead of the negative.  My dream is that Noah was meant to be in Kindergarten to teach his teacher and his friends something.  That even though he is the youngest in his class, he was ready to be there.

Furthermore, my dream is that God answers my prayer of understanding how I can parent my baby better.  Have more patience, grace and ability to understand where he is coming from.

Praise be to God!



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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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