10 Minutes: Dream that is still alive

I want to write a book.  I have wanted to write a book for a very long time.  Not a novel, no no I am not creative like that at all.

I want to write a non-fiction.  The more and more I read in 2018 the more I think, I really want to do this.  I want someone to be holding my book and feeling the way that I am feeling right now.  But, how?  How does one write a book?  How do you get an editor, a publisher and actually get your book bound?  I just don’t know!

It is a dream of mine, one that didn’t even come to mind as I was writing my blog yesterday.  It has been there for years though.  From the very first journal I started keeping when I was 10 years old, all the way to today.

I work really hard to make all the things that I want to happen, come true.  I don’t give up very easily and when something comes into my head, there is pretty much no stopping me.  Ask my best friends, my parents, my kids and my husband.  I quite literally believe that I can accomplish ANYTHING.

I have a Facebook page for my blog.  I have a lot of friends and family who follow it.  Each and every blog post is shared on there.  I don’t post on my personal page, because it was just starting to get inondated with posts and I felt like some of my friends were getting overwhelmed.

Anyway, on Monday my sister shared my blog post onto her Facebook wall and wrote “My sister amazes me” #mysisterisbetterthanyours.  I mean, for those of you that have siblings you know that they can love you like no other, but they surely can tell you how it is even when you don’t like it.  My sister didn’t have to say anything, but she did.  After reading it, I had tears in my eyes.

I was texting with my sister last night and said “thank you for what you said about me and my blog.”   She said “your welcome, your such a terrific writer.”  Since we were having a beautiful moment, I didn’t say what I wanted to say which was “at least one of us is”…she had typed out your instead of you’re twice in one sentence!!  LOL.  Sorry, Dawn…love you, but I thought it was terribly funny last night!

I told her that my dream is to pull a bunch of blog posts and create a book out of it.  I know that I have enough.  Some posts that are surely long enough to fill 1 or two pages of a book.  I have to have between 100 or 200 that I would like to share.  In various categories that could legitimately be something that people would want to read.

Divorce, Marriage, Children, Mental Health, Friendships, Growing…I mean living life in a real way.

So to any of you that happen to have some kind of connection with someone who could make that happen, send them my way!!  It is a dream for me though, I am going to do some research to see how I can get this off the ground.  It will happen!!

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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