Tell Someone: Be Brave

Are you dreaming something?  Do you have something that is on your mind?  Do you want to be brave?  Tell somebody you want to be brave, and then see what God can do!

This isn’t the forum for me to talk about what I haven’t said out loud yet.  Though, I did say it to my husband 2 days ago and I said it to a group of friends yesterday.  Before I even knew this would be my charge today.

Already, look what God is doing.  Bringing it to the front again like he always does.  He hears me and he knows what is best for me.

There is something that I am working to be brave about.  That I have been praying on for near a month now and I can feel getting closer.  With the support of my husband and my friends…I know that I can get there!

What do you want to be brave about?

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

8 thoughts on “Tell Someone: Be Brave

  1. My ex of 4 and a half years who took such good care of me and my two sons had a mental breakdown and had to go to a mental hospital this past Monday. Today is Friday and I still feel sad and heartbroken but I have to be brave And strong for my children who also miss their “Dad”…. He was so good to them and We all need to be brave to face not having him.

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  2. We are moving 14 hours away to a different province in Canada. I’ve lived in the same province my whole life, so I will need to be brave to adjust to a new life. Although I know God is calling us there, it will still be an adjustment.

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