Ten Minutes: Parable of the Sower

The reading today for my bible study was all about the parable of the sower.  Now, if Christianity and the bible isn’t your thing…go with me here anyway, as I believe the idea can be help for anyone.

What do you think we can learn from gardeners and farmers –the ones who work the land –about pursuing life?

Well man alive if this didn’t speak right to my heart this morning.  My 2018 word for the year is cultivate.  I have been reading books in 2018 (11 of them so far) that speak directly to cultivating.  Cultivate What Matters was the springboard for this whole idea and it really has just been taking off from there.

My answer to the question above that I wrote in my bible study is cultivating.  We learn from farms about being patient while the seasons change.  Planting seed, nurturing them, watching them grow and yielding a crop.  It is the idea of being patient and cultivating them that is most important.

The parable says that there are 4 kinds of seeds.  The seeds that fell on the path, those that the birds ate up.  Those seeds represent the evil one coming and carrying off what was planted in our hearts.  There were the seeds that fell on rocky places, those were scorned by the sun.  These seeds represent the people that hear the word, automatically receive it joyfully, but are only able to hold on for a little while until it “gets hard”.  The third kind of seeds are those that fell among the thorns, they grew but choked.  Those seeds represent people who hear the word, know what they should do but let their worries and other stuff in their life distract them, so their seeds choke and bear nothing.  Lastly we have the seeds that fell on good soil, they produced a crop.  These represent the people who hear what they need to do and they understand.

This can apply to so much more than God and the word.  When I chose cultivate as my word for 2018, I chose it for all facets of my life.  Myself, my marriage, my family, my career, my religion, just everything that I am and that I have.  I need to find patience to cultivate and take care of those seeds.  I need to nurture them with sunshine and water.  Keep watching them grow until they produce a crop…no matter how long that takes!!

In my devotion the topic was “Work in Pieces” and even though the question at the end didn’t have to do with farming and cultivating, that is all that it made me think about.  Looking at your life today, what’s one piece of your calling you can see on display?  Well the one piece of my life that I see on display today is Cultivating What Matters.  More than I have ever seen that in my 37 years.  I see that all of my choices are geared toward making that happen.

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