Ten Minutes: Conversation

As you seek out where your calling could take you, who could you invite into this conversation?  Who do you trust with your dreams and stories that can help you brainstorm? (100 Days to Brave)

I had a really hard time sleeping last night.  The last message that I sent was to a friend telling her that I had a miserable day.  Truth is, I did.  It started out crappy, due to a conflict with my 5 year.  That resulted in a broken necklace, I sobbed before I even left my house.

Then I listened to a podcast on my way into work that really moved me and again more tears.  I got an e-mail that I felt bad about and responded to that, like I had dropped the ball.  Interactions that just got under my skin.  I had a training scheduled, where I was the presenter, 8 people were registered and only 2 showed up.  I then ran out of work to get the kids from school and run them all to the dentist.  One kids has 2 cavities and 2 kids need ortho consults.  It was just a lot to deal with.

Today, the kids have a building closure day.  There was a water main break in our city and therefore there is a boil water alert, so the kids can’t be at school without safe water to drink and wash their hands with.  I have an all day meeting.  That truthfully I would love to stay home from, I mean a day with my kids sounds fantastic.  I didn’t want to have to make that call to my boss though.  So, my husband is staying home.  He is taking one for the team and gaining a three day weekend.  Having a day of hanging with the kids and playing video games I am sure.

Anyway, it gave Paul and I some extra time this morning to snuggle and talk.  I still went through my morning routine though.  Pray before I get out of bed and read my devotion, I also am watching my DVRed reality television that he can’t stand.  (Big Brother and the Bachelor Winter Games)

I told Paul what was on my heart this morning.  It wasn’t brand new information, but I know that he finally heard it today.  I can tell him anything, even if it sounds scary or crazy, he listens to me.  He will tell me what I can do to make it happen or that I shouldn’t even be considering it as an option to begin with.  LOL.  I feel so grateful to have him as my rock when I am crying, when I am feeling down and when I have to collapse after a day like yesterday.

I am going to make it happen.  The dream that is on my heart, I will achieve it.  I am going to develop a concrete plan to show that it can work.  Disney in 372, bills paid down, making our finances look the best they have ever looked and also doing the things that we dream for our family to do!  I am praying and I know that God is listening.  He is steering me in the right direction, of that I am certain!


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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