Ten Minutes: Work Hard

“Whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re asked to do work hard.”  Annie F. Downs #100daystobrave

This is what my daily reading in my devotional was about.  My daily reading in my bible study was about “farmers don’t quit.”  A time for everything, for every season!

I really felt like these two readings were meant for me to read on the same time.  For me to tie both of them together.

I honestly try to give me all to everything that I do.  If I sign up for it, if it is my duty, if it is in my line of sight, then I am all in and work hard.  My devotional reminded me that this isn’t typical of the “millennial”, though I typically identify as Generation x.  Or a Xennial as I just read in an article a week or two ago.  Those of us born between 1977 and 1983, that don’t quite fit into either generation, we have out own hybrid.

Anyway, not the point.  I do things that people don’t even ask me to do.  I think a step ahead and try to be helpful.  I work hard to do as much of my job and beyond as I can without having to ask questions on the how.  I see a job and I do it.

When you work hard, people notice.  Annie says this “You gain a lot when you work really hard.  It isn’t always fun, but it’s who you want to be, isn’t it?”

It really truly is.  Even though it is some tough work and sometimes you can feel beat down and kicked around, you want to be known as the person who kept their head up and worked hard.  Then you will have people notice even different skills then they could if the work was easy.  Your suffering and perseverance building character and leading you to hope.  (Another idea from my bible study, that I just realized ties in very nicely)

Whatever you are doing and whatever you are asked to do, work hard.

Even in the seasons of waiting.  Waiting to see how a program will work and when you will finally get the participants to show up like you are hoping.  (Can you tell that this is where I am struggling to work hard right now?)

Cultivating that work and those times is what is truly important.  Then working hard on other things while you are waiting.  Not just sitting with your arms crossed, tapping your toes.  Putting the time in effort into another activity, while still feeding and watering the first one and watching it grow into the fruit you were hoping for.

Happy Day Everyone, Happy Day!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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