Ten Minutes: Dating and Marriage

My Devotion today was about dating and marriage!  Man oh man, was I happy to read this today.

Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own.  Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go, he’s the one who will keep you on track.  -Proverbs 3: 5-6

Last night Paul and I watched the Season 2 finale of Divorce on HBO.  We both find comfort in the show, after all we have both been there.  Plus I love SJP!  Anyway, the ex-husband played by Thomas Haden Church said something in last night’s episode that I try to convey to anyone when they question how Paul and I got married so quickly.  He said my marriage lasted for so long, but look how that turned out?

Now, I wasn’t married for very long the first time.  About 4 years when all was said and done.  However, we had known each other for 25 years.  Paul and I, well we knew each other for 6 weeks before we got married and 5 1/2 months by the time that we got married.  I wasn’t willing to waste time.  You don’t know what your future is going to hold, so you have to do what feels right and what makes sense for everyone now.  Work hard and pray that it continues on for years and years.

Yesterday at work a co-worker and I were talking about the fact that an ex of hers is getting married in a couple of weeks.  I think that she is having a bit of a tough time with a “why wasn’t it me?”  Though when we talked about it a bit and navigated the relationship, I think that it was completely obvious to her why it wasn’t a good forever.  That doesn’t help anything when you don’t have the significant other in your life.  The constant “why am I alone?”  Or when we break up, “what did I do, what was it about me?”  These questions will eat you alive.

Another very important person in my life is going through a divorce.  The push and pull of that situation is one that I don’t envy.  Though, I have been there, I have gone through it.  All the hows, whens, wheres and whys.  We ask ourselves questions constantly.  Even if the relationship is something that we no longer want, we can’t stand to see them acting fine and moving through their lives.  If they are still holding on too much, then we get super irritated with that too.  What is the right answer?  Where is the line?  As we make our way through it, it is impossible to know.  You are navigate these rough waters with the one person that you have loved most in the whole world, I mean it is torture.

What I do know and was one of the main points of my devotion this morning is “put yourself out there”.  Go out and enjoy your life.  Single?  Then go out on dates, even if you can’t imagine them going anywhere, you may never know.  Enjoy having a nice dinner and conversation with another grown up.  Married?  Then still go out on dates, with your spouse of course.  Sometimes we forget to date our spouse and we really truly need to.  When life gets complicated, jobs get tough and the kids are on our last nerve, your spouse will be there to comfort you, to pick you up and help you dust off.  Make sure to nurture that relationship as often as you can.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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