Do Your Thing

I am currently reading a devotional called Savor by Shauna Niequist.  It is wonderful, it is 365 days long and I started it back in May and I am just reading through my year until I get back to where I started.  Who says you can only start a dated event/book/reading on January 1st?

Anyway July 3rd is “Do Your Thing” day.  There are always reflective questions on the bottom which I appreciate and often give me inspiration for a post.  Today though, I was inspired by the body for the devotion.

Shauna reflects on a summer camp she worked at.  Talks about a group of girls on a trampoline, where girls would line the edges all around the trampoline, spotting the one girl who would be jumping.  When it was your turn, you’d bounce and dance and do whatever crazy moves you wanted to do.  The rest of the girls would sing, “Hey (insert name here), do your thing, do your thing.  Hey, do your thing, do your thing.”

When that girl was done, she’d call the name of the next girl to get up in the middle and the song would continue.  “That’s how it’s supposed to be: you gt the courage to do your thing because the people you love and trust are telling you, “Do your thing!  Do that thing you were made to do!”

At what point did this stop?  When did we stop cheering each other on, out loud and in front of others?  It seems as though we are so threatened now by others being better at something that we might be, that we would rather talk about them behind their backs then encourage them front and center.

I read an article yesterday that really spoke to me: What Blunt People Make the Best Friends

I am that friend.  I am the blunt friend.  The friend that is often too much for too many people.  Though if you like me and stick around, I will be your ride or die and be there for you honestly and faithfully at every turn.  Blunt friends tell it like it is, they will apologize and they aren’t threatened.  I will be there cheering you on in everything you are trying to do…that is of course unless I think it is a horrible idea, but then I will tell you not to do it!

Let’s spend more time cheering each other on!!  Smiling, Applauding and Encouraging one another.

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