Monday I was able to relax at home for most of the day.  Noah and I babysat for one of our favorite little ones.  It was special to spend that quality time with her.

Tuesday Noah and I went to the zoo.  For the fourth time this summer.  He just loves walking around.  Every single time he gets a map, but he knows exactly where we are going.  We got 10000 steps in before noon!

Wednesday we relaxed at home until about 10:30am, then got an oil change.  LOL, but then we had to pick up James and Jordan from their Dads.  From there we hit up 7/11 for 7/11 day and got our free slurpee.  After that we used one of our many Groupons and went to Bounce It Up for 2 hours.  The kids ran around and played in the inflatables and various free video games, while I walked around getting my steps in.  On the way home, we stopped at another 7/11 for another free slurpee….SHHH!

Today we are headed to my parents to water their plants while they are out of town.  Then we are going to the Yankee Air Museum, using another Groupon.  I haven’t ever been to the museum and maybe it isn’t “fun” but it sure will be educational and again I will get my steps in 😉

Tomorrow we have plans to go to an annual “Art in the Park” that is close by.  We will walk around and check out the vendors, while sipping on something from Starbucks.  Then we are going to use another Groupon to go to that towns Historical Museum.

I think that Saturday will find us at another Museum, but it is really an old arcade!  We have a Groupon for that as well.  Thank God for planning ahead and purchasing a bunch of discounted things to do while I was making full-time money!

What I am really very Thankful for today are 2 things.  1. My husband is working so hard for his family.  Working his tail off every day so that I can spend this special time with the kids.  2. That I am remembering how to play again.  Laugh and have fun.  I had certainly lost it for far too long!

Happy Thursday

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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