Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

Let me tell you about my morning so far!

I woke up about 4:00am.  My husband has been going into work early and getting out late this week, he is prepping for inventory.  I have been waking up with him.  Not because I have to, no I don’t have to.  I want to though.  He is waking up early to provide for our family, so I wake up early to provide for him.  Went downstairs and made the coffee and his lunch.

Sure I could have gone back to sleep after I did that, but what is the point in that?  I might as well get in some me time before the kid wake up.

Today was my weigh-in for my “Let’s Get Healthy” group that I am currently participating.  I weighed in at exactly 160lbs.  I am down 7.4 pounds in 5 weeks.  Here is the reality of those 7.4 pounds though…”{I posted this in the group earlier last week} Can we talk real achievements today? 1. The amount of wedgies has significantly decreased! 2. I wore a bathing suit with no skirt attached yesterday for the first time in 2 years! 3. Even though it isn’t an official weigh in, my scale read under 160 this morning, for the first time in 2018 😊 7lbs is 28 sticks of butter… that sure adds up when you are talking about where those sticks have melted off your body!!}”  The point is that I am feeling terrific.

I worked on a couple of things on the computer, while watching my guilty pleasure “Real Housewives of New York”.  Then I pulled up my favorite “Yoga with Adriene”.  She has an amazing set called True and I am on day 5.  It was about 25 minutes long and at the end of the practice I got tears in my eyes.  It just hit me that for the first time in who knows how long I am able to actually relax for 25 straight minutes.  Listening to my breath, concentrating on my core and really allowing myself to stay centered.

Now…I am writing this and listening to a Podcast called “TimetoWine” that my friend started!  It is just real ladies talking about real life things.  I plan to make my way onto it at some point!

Later on today we will be heading to the Art fair to look at the beautiful things that others have created, while I spend some quality time with the beautiful things that I have created ❤ ❤

OH yea…also 7 years ago today was when I first connected with my wonderful, loving and selfless husband!

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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