Shipt Shopper #Thisis38


I know that I have brought it up before, but for those who don’t know I left my 9-5 job back in June.  This was a decision that had been on my heart since the beginning of the year.  After much discussion and financial discipline, my husband and I decided that I could leave my job and stay home with my children this summer.

One of the things that made this decision easier was being accepted as a SHIPT shopper back in March (I think), maybe April.  I absolutely love grocery shopping.  I mean so much so that I can even enjoy it while I have 3 kids in tow.  Something about checking things off of a list that really works for my ESTJ-T personality 😉

Anyway the best part about this job is I can shop as little or as much as I want.  Put myself on the schedule, grab a shop that hasn’t already been picked up.  I can shop at the grocery store right down the street or drive a little further away for a bigger order…it is all up to me.  This job has allowed me so great flexibility that I really have barely even done it over the summer.  Just knowing that it was there, has been a huge comfort though.  We get paid every week for shops completed the week before.  Sometimes if we are lucky we even get tipped.

The best part about being a SHIPT shopper?  You also get a free membership.  Which means that I can have my own groceries delivered as a perk of my job.  Therefore giving fellows Shipters a job 🙂  It truly is incredible.  I order groceries and have them delivered most days before the kids have even got out of bed.  If I want, they will just leave them on the porch if I am in the middle of Yoga when they are ready to deliver.

I really can’t say enough good things about SHIPT.  Yesterday we had nothing to do, my husband was going to be home all day so I decided to put myself on the schedule.  I left the house about 9:30 AM for my first shop.  I came home at 1:30.  One order, turned into 2, which turned into a double, then I found myself picking up a 4th order at a different store that I don’t normally shop at and then the 5th right back by my home.

Delivering to an elderly lady, a handicapped women, a pregnant mama with morning sickness and a lady who had just gotten home from work.  Meeting the customers is awesome and helping people out make the job even sweeter.  Thank you SHIPT for hiring me and letting me make this job into what I want it to be.

Interested in becoming a member?  Click on this LINK


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