TRUTH #Thisis38

I had the honor of doing a training for about 40 Elementary school teachers yesterday.  We spoke about Gossip and Staff Communication.

It is always crazy to me when so many things in your life line up.  Coincidentally my Devotion for yesterday and today were under that same theme.  Yesterday was “The Value of Truth-Telling” and today “Truth Without Trust”.

The whole point of the training I wrote for yesterday was to be honest.  If you see something then say something.  Say that something to the person whom you have the issue with.  It truly is that simple.  I know, that for me it is easy to say that because I am a direct and outgoing person.

Truly though it will make your life easier if you are just honest with people and say what is on your mind.  You don’t have to be rude or harsh, you can think and talk with respect, yet still say what is your truth.

Sometimes it is hard to hear, but ultimately wouldn’t you rather someone speak to you about it, then talk to a bunch of other people?  Then those other people start to talk about you and the situation even though they weren’t a part of it and have no idea what actually happened, so the gossip mill starts itself going?

Also…pet peeve alert—don’t text or e-mail things that you don’t have the balls to address in person.  I guarantee it is going to be taken the wrong way, 100%!!  Take the time and deliver the message in person, or if you must over the phone (I mean an actual call).

We are adults and this is the way that we should be dealing with difficult situations!

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3 thoughts on “TRUTH #Thisis38

  1. I especially agree with your email/text advice. If you don’t have guts enough to say it in person or with an actual phone call, don’t say it at all. (That, however, does not apply to blogging. In blogging, you can say whatever you want, whenever you want, especially if you don’t name names. Although that has, in fact, gotten me in hot water on one or two occasions.)


    1. OH no….I don’t talk about people behind their back in my blog. Anything I have said on here is something that is my truth and has been spoken to the person’s face as well. I have too many people in my personal life that read my blog.


      1. I didn’t mean I spoke about anyone behind their back. What I did was relay a story about one of my kids (without using her name, of course), in an attempt to draw some sympathy for the struggles she was going through at the time. She recognized herself and got all upset. She not only complained to me and made me take out that part of the post, but she also unfollowed my blog – and unfriended me on Facebook. We’ve since made up. My other girls are different – they love when I write about them, whether it’s good news or bad. Go figure.


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