Trust #Thisis38

In keeping with the same theme from the last 2 days, my Devotional today was once again about Gossip.

Really crazy to me that this all happened on the same week that I gave a professional development training on Gossip that I wrote.  Always amazes me how when your eyes are open to seeing it, so much of your life can intertwine!

The question at the end of today’s devotion was this “How could you use your works in a braver, more loving way”?

This helped me to reflected on the reading of the last 3 days.  In relationships, communication is key, right?  Well Shauna Niequist says that it is equal parts heat and force so that God can use trust and truth to shape us.  This is the goal.  That in our relationships we strive to be both truthful and trusting.

However, there is a third option.  Those of us who have all the trust in the world to our face, but tell the truth behind our backs!  Gossip…yet again, rears its ugly head.  The person who is doing the talking, then fakes themselves out by believing that they are truthful.  However, they aren’t being truthful to the correct person.  In fact, they have now involved someone in the situation who doesn’t even need to be there.

Therefore, making yourself feel just fine…but setting your relationship up for broken trust down the road.

I am a 38 year old woman.  A woman who has 6 children and has made a career of working with young children.  My mantra in this life is….”you may call me a bitch, but you will never be able to call me a liar.”  Sometimes the things that come out of my mouth are harsh (and I am work in progress on that), but what I feel will always be told to you, not to someone else.

So to wrap it all up…how could my words be used in a braver and more loving way?  I need to work harder to make sure that even when being honest, I am doing it in a respectful way.  Taking a minute to think about my words and taking the harsh edge off of them.

Be honest!!!  It may be hard, but remember “honesty is the best policy.”  Don’t give into gossip.

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