To My Husband on His Birthday #Thisis38

Well, today my husband turns 39. I met him when he was 31 and have been here for all 8 birthdays since.

Birthday’s aren’t a big to-do in our home. We try to do experiences, not a lot of gifts.

Well tomorrow we will go out to dinner with my parents, my sister and her family, plus my grandparents! Then on Sunday we are going to a baseball game with Paul’s parents.

In the meantime I am making chili tonight for the first time this “season”. Tomorrow afternoon my husband will watch the UofM football game with his father and our children. We will share some laughs, we will snuggle on the couch and we will celebrate another year around the sun!

I am so honored to call you mine. To celebrate with you year after you. Being able to watch you will all of our children, supporting me and working hard so that we can live our best lives! All that has happened over the last 7 years wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for your love for your family.

You are my favorite grown up! Thank you for being you and loving me the way you do.

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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