Adulting #thisis38

Yesterday my poor husband moved in a weird way and just like that his back gave out on him.

7 years ago when we met, he would have let that hold him down.  At least for the day that it happened, if not for some days afterward.  This isn’t how this man operates anymore though.

Paul shows up!  He does the things that he is supposed to do.  He knows that part of his job as a man, husband and father is to get his responsibilities done even when sometimes it would feel better or be easier not to.

Right after he hurt his back he got in the car for his 3 hour commute back and forth to take our older 3 children back to their Mom’s home.  Yes, he came home and changed into his pajamas and laid on the couch after that, but AFTER THAT.  AFTER his responsibilities for the day were taken care of.

This morning I know that he was still in pain.  He made some noises while he was getting ready.  Nonetheless, he woke up with his alarm.  He rolled out of bed, even if it took him a minute or two longer than it normally would.  He showered and got dressed, through the pain that he is still obviously in.

The goal for me and I do believe for my husband, is to lead by example!  That goes for employees, friends and our children for sure.  Some times you just have to power through.  Would it be easier to lay in bed, sure!  However, we need to show up!



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