Thankful Day 3

A friend of mine shared this yesterday on Facebook.  I was moved by it, so I decided to copy it and play along myself.  Since I have already written a post for day 1 and day 2, I will just answer those quickly.

1. A memory I am thankful for…remembering 4 of my great grandparents and well.  I am thankful that that they were in my life and for long enough that I know what it was like to be loved by them.

2.  A color I am thankful for…orange.  It is my favorite color.  As long as I can remember it has been my favorite color.  It is bright and cheery and when I see things in orange I can’t help but smile and  be happy!

3. A freedom I am thankful for….being a woman in 2018.  Honestly, either 1 of 2 things would’ve happened had I been born a century or two earlier.  Well, I wouldn’t have made it very long.  Assuming I had the same personality, I probably would’ve been mistreated by society, my family, my school, my work and anyone else.

The other option for this would be, that my personality would’ve been stifled, so I wouldn’t have been able to be the person I am anyway.  The loud, fun, energetic, open, honest woman that I am.  I mean if we are being perfectly honest, some people look down on that still in 2018, so I know that I wouldn’t have made it in 1918.

Being able to work, vote, have opinions, get an education well these are all freedoms I am afforded in 2018 as a woman.  I mean, if I am being honest it is gross that there was a time where woman couldn’t do all those things.  Even more gross that in 2018 woman are still being held down in some capacities.

I don’t surround myself with people who can’t handle me as a woman, as a person!!  I am me and I make no apologies for it.

What freedom are you thankful for??


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

One thought on “Thankful Day 3

  1. Love these gratitude challenges 🙂 Doing one myself and it truly helps to keep us grounded, positive, and at peace. Thank you for sharing your answers. It is an amazing privilege to have come as far as we have in terms of women’s rights & I do believe soon it will be no question that we have equal rights!

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