Thankful Day 13&14

Well…I got on to start writing yesterday and I honestly couldn’t think of the smell that I was thankful for ❤

I mean really, a smell??

OK so here goes….Day 13 a smell I am grateful for…the top of all my kids head!  Each and every one of the 6 of them.  The best smell in the whole world might be a babies head.  I had the blessing of smelling 3 of them fresh from the start.  Though one thing that I do with each of them to this day is kiss the top of their head and smell.  I don’t know why, but I do.  It’s them, it’s me and it is just a beautiful intimate moment that they all allow me!

Day 14…a life lesson that I am thankful for. When I was going through my divorce a speaker said something in my divorce recovery program that really stayed with me.  “God balances his books in his own time.”  Often times we are wondering, why me, why did this happen to me?  Sometimes through divorce that can lead us to looking at our ex and thinking “why do they get out of it feeling fine and just go on living life?”

Something about being human if we feel bad, then we desperately need the person who made us feel that way to feel badly too.  Well, God Balances the books in his own time.  Eventually something will happen and the scales will shift.  It may not happen when we want it to, but it will certainly happen.

Another great life lesson that I got during that same period of life was “you can’t compare your private life to someone else’s public life.”

We often see all the bad happening in our life, but when we see an acquaintance or an ex, all we can see is all that is going well for them.  Well, I mean that is because that is all they are going to easily show.  This is also the problem with Social Media.  For the most part it is all positive things.  We don’t post about the hard moments, all the times we had bad thoughts or yelled at our children.  The times of heartbreak, of fighting, when we can’t pay the bills, when we have $20 in our bank account….we don’t like to put a spotlight on all of those things.

So…don’t compare what is happening in your life inside your home with what is going on in other’s lives when you see them out in the world!  We are all capable of putting on our game faces.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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