Thankful Day 23-28

I’m just a touch behind.  LOL….I truly enjoyed spending time with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday, so here I am ready to catch up.

Day 23…a teacher I am thankful for, my goodness do I have so many.  Though I can honestly say that all the teachers that come to mind are from church and not from school.  The 2 most important teachers in my relationship with God were Mack and Jim.  Unfortunately Jim passed away last summer, but lucky for me I still get to see Mack nearly every week.  They taught me that it was OK to be me, to love myself as well as others.  They were always there for me and I am eternally grateful that they instilled lifelong skills, morals and ethics within me.

Day 24..a promise I am thankful for, that my sins will be forgiven.  I am thankful for all the promises from the bible, from the church and from the teachings of Jesus.

Day 25…a challenge I am thankful for, my divorce.  The biggest struggle, hurdle and challenge in my life.  It taught me so much about me, about who my true friends were and really opened my eyes to this whole big world in a way that they couldn’t have been otherwise.

Day 26…an animal I am thankful for, the turtle.  I have written in this blog before that I believe I was a turtle in a past life.  Ironic, because I am exactly the opposite now.  I am always go go go and my speed is at 200%.  It takes a lot for me to remember to slow down, enjoy everything and just take my time.  I am thankful for the idea of talking things more like a turtle when I am going crazy.

Day 27…a friend I am thankful for.  Today I am thankful for Katy, Sarah and Terry.  These are the 3 friends that have been by my side for most of my life and through most of the big events.  Katy was there with me through the birth of all 3 of my children, Terry was there for the first 2 and Sarah for the last.  Giving me strength and courage when I needed it, but all also allowing me to give them courage when they need it as well.  Women who are strong in their faith, their loyalty and their love.

Day 28…a goal I am thankful for, running the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  I ran that back in 2009 and then because of my divorce I didn’t have the heart to run it again until 2017.  I signed up multiple times and couldn’t ever get the guts to actually get out there.  But in 2017 I set myself up from it, signed up for the event on New Years Day and told myself the whole year that I WAS GOING TO DO IT, instead of I HOPE I CAN DO IT.  Meeting that goal last October and having my husband and children at the finish line really broke down a mental barrier for me!


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