Intention #Thisis38

A friend of mine posted her theme for 2019 on Facebook last week.  That then led me to start thinking about what my Theme for 2019 would be.

The friend’s focus was around Intention (a thing intended, an aim or a plan).  Which was a sign to me because I have these two books that I am working around.  Right on the covers are “Intentional Living and Live on Purpose.”  That meant that the word Intention was definitely meant to be a part of my theme as well, it was a sign.  I love signs!!

My two books that I am basing this theme on are Make It Happen by Lara Casey and A Simplified Life by Emily Ley.  I adore both of these authors.  Everything that they stand for and more importantly how their words jump off the bags to speak to me.  My theme last year was “Cultivate What Matters” based of a different Lara Casey book.

After I decided that these 2 books were going to be what my 2019 theme was focusing on, I pulled both books off of my bookshelf.  Make It Happen I read at the beginning of 2018.  When I read self growth books, I like to have post-its and pens on hand.  Which means, I leave myself a lot of notes.  This makes it fun to go back through the book to see what I said to myself, what seemed important to remind myself of and how I have grown.

I found this beautiful note in the book!  My Happiness + Kids Happiness + Pauls Happiness = Our overall family wellness.  When the overall wellness is good, we are all good.  Positive About the Future!  This note reminded me of why I did all that I did this year.  I decided to use an app to create this image and now it is my wallpaper on my phone.  For me to see EVERY DAY.  To speak truth into my life.  #LawofAttraction

collage 2018-12-18 14_03_466680623677704920634..jpg

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