Our Christmas Eve #Thisis38

When you have a blended family you have to make traditions that work for you.  In this family our Christmas Eve and Christmas day happen only when the 6 kids are in our home.

The younger ones who still believe in the magic of Santa, will also choose to believe that Santa understands our family dynamic and will make special plans for this house.  Even if it means, calling in Mom and Dad to help.

We didn’t get the 5 older kids until during the day on Christmas.  Then Paul had to work Wednesday, Thursday and today.  That meant that we wouldn’t be together for a morning until tomorrow morning, Saturday.  Our kids don’t ever question it, not to us, they just choose to understand.

There will be one gift given tonight, which will be the annual Christmas pajama’s.  Everyone will head to bed pretty early so that the big man can come.  Even our older children play along, because they know better than to ruin it for the younger ones.

Early tomorrow morning all 6 kids will be opening up their stocking and their presents from Santa.  One of the most awesome things is that, the presents aren’t what they look forward to most.  After opening gifts we are headed to my parents, to have family Christmas and brunch.

The kids look forward to seeing everyone else and eating our traditional Christmas brunch.  A brunch full of sausage biscuits, breakfast casserole, Kringle, bagels, quiche and many other things.  I look forward to the Bloody Mary that will be waiting for me when I arrive.

Our children have requested casino game night this evening.  We bought them betting chips, many decks of cards and dice on the last trip we made to Vegas.  Since it is Christmas Eve, we will probably all be downstairs together playing craps and blackjack!  After all, nothing says “Welcome Baby Jesus” like betting against your siblings.




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