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Today is the first day of being back on the wagon!  The hubs and I are going back to the Keto diet.  I did this for about 5 months in 2017 and we did it for the greater part of 2018.  My body feels fantastic when we are eating this way.  Really from the inside out, it makes me feel amazing.

The Nutri-bullet came out of its hiding this morning. I am drinking my delicious bulletproof coffee as I type this.  A little later I will be headed back to the yoga mat.  Doing the Yoga with Adriene January Calendar, Dedicate. I have been not smoking now for over 4 weeks and that part feels amazing.

My goals are to go back to feeling better.  I can tell after all the holidays, allowing myself to eat and drink whatever I want that my body is achy and definitely bloated.  Continue with the not-smoking, of course.  Purposefully move 3/4 times a week.  Whether that is yoga, a walk beyond my normal activity or going to the gym.

Eating better and doing my yoga help my mental state as well and let’s face it, I can always use a little boost of there.

We are headed to Florida in just 2 months and we have to get our beach bodies ready!  More like we have to make sure that our bodies are ready to keep up with all of our children at Disney.

What are your health and wellness goals for 2019?


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4 thoughts on “Best Life

    1. Good luck with that. I really try not to focus on the number of my weight, but just how my body looks and feels. Mostly how I fit into my clothes, not having to purchase new and bigger options.


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