Dedicate: Flow

Today was day 5 of my 30day Yoga Journey, Dedicate.

The theme for today was flow. The flow of your body. Really just showing your movements and your breaths to flow together. This is in fact why yoga is so good for me. Focusing on my breathing and then coordinating that with my movements.

You know what kind of flow I didn’t anticipate though?? The tears that were flowing down my cheeks for the last 5+ minutes of the practice. Sometimes the words she says hit me right in the feels. Often the movements themselves somehow speak to me and open up my emotions. Today, it was both of those things.

I’m so thankful for finding my way back to the mat. For finding Yoga with Adriene to begin with. Lastly, for making time for me to be a part of this journey.

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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