Last night before we even went to bed our public schools called a snow day.  We are anticipating between 4 and 6 inches during the exact time that the kids would be in school.  So, even though there isn’t any fresh snow on the ground yet, it should be coming anytime now.

With this snow day I plan to clean.  It has been awhile since I really scrubbed everything in my house.  I also promised my 11 year old son that if I was home sometime this week that I would, “Marie Kondo” fold his clothes in his dresser for him.  Then I would like to finish reading the 2 books that I have already started.  First though, my yoga practice.  I have made it to the mat 26 out of 26 days so far!!  Only 4 left of this 30 day journey.

Of course, among this I will hang out with my youngest, the 6 year old Noah.  He is the only kiddo that is at our house today.  When he wants to hang with me.  He’ll be very happy to play with his toys, watching movies galore and play some Xbox.

Do you get “snow days” where you live?  Days where the weather is too much for the local schools to open and you get an unexpected day off with your kiddos?  If so, what do you do with them?


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4 thoughts on “SNOW DAY

  1. We had our first “snow day”. But it wasn’t because of snow! It was way too cold for kiddos to wait for the bus (-22 Celsius). We live in Ontario.

    Brr. Love hot drinks, tobogganing, and smelling the crisp winter air! On that note – it’s time for a southern vacation!!

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  2. Don’t hate me, but we laugh at 4 to 6 inches. Although recently, schools have been closing if we get 8 to 10 inches or more, with high winds. I find that a bit amusing. I can remember WALKING to school in two feet of fresh snow, in a dress, with knee socks and short boots. I remember getting home with frozen hives on my legs, which hurt like heck when my legs started warming up. Mom told me to quit whining. Not to say that kids today should be forced to go through any of that, nor should the school bus drivers have to deal with maneuvering through snow. If my kids were still little, I’d want them staying home, too.

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