Dedicate: Liberate

Today was day 30 of 30.  Yes, I had all day that I could’ve completed the 36 minute practice.  As I am home all day with the children for another snow day.  Something about getting it in first thing though, really does it for me.

I went to the mat just before 7am.  This was the 30th morning in a row that I made it to the mat, but it was the culmination of the Dedicate journey.  Bittersweet, for sure.  I have shed a few tears over the last 30 days at the mat and I know that I will shed more as I continue practicing yoga.

Today was “Liberate”.  To set free.  That is what yoga has been for me.  Setting me free from the box that I tend to live in.  Allowing myself to be silly and do poses that make me feel childish or others that push my physical limitations.  Asking me to be still and quiet, two things that are very unnatural for me.

Yoga is everything that I never knew that I needed.  Thank you Adriene for making it feel so personal and so liberating!!

After I was done with my yoga practice I opened up my daily affirmation ❤ ❤ Namaste

screenshot_20190131-072701_my affirmations2772602309940042702..jpg

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