Things we do for our children

I was trying to think about what to write this morning.  Thoughts were going through my head.  One of those thoughts was that I am going to Chuck e Cheese later with my six year old for a birthday party!!  That made me think…oh the things that we do for our children.

I wrote earlier this week that I had a vomiting/headache issue that took me to the ER on Saturday.  Where I do feel a million times better than that, I still have this very dull headache.  Lucky me, I get to spend 2 hours at Chuck e Cheese with a headache!  Whoop whoop.  This places gives me a headache when all feels find and dandy, I can’t even imagine how I am going to feel come 5pm.

For those of you that don’t know, Chuck e Cheese is a family entertainment center with indoor rides and games for children.  There are always a million screaming kids and parents who allow their children to run around like crazy people.

Anyhow, my 6 year old was invited to a birthday party there for today from 3-5.  He deserves to go to this party.  I am the mom who still attends the party with her kid.  Not because I can’t leave him or don’t trust him, but because I am flying in solidarity with the parents of the birthday boy.  They shouldn’t have to manage 10 6/7 year old boys all on their own.  Yes, I understand that maybe this is what they “sign up for” when having a birthday party, but I can do my part.  Noah is an amazing 6 year old boy, but still a handful.  God Bless the parents that invite him to a birthday party, they have no idea the havoc that he can cause.

I am so thankful for a 6 year old who likes having his mom with him at birthday parties.  I will be bringing a book with me and sitting down most of the time, so he can be with his buddies without my hovering.  I will be close by so that if he needs me, I am there.  More than likely, I will just offer a helping hand to the birthday boy’s parents.  Spend most of the time in the backdrop watching my boy having a good time, hoping that my headache doesn’t skyrocket.

Happy Saturday Friends!

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2 thoughts on “Things we do for our children

  1. All I can say is: you’re one hell of a mom. Chucky Cheese is a challenge for anyone. I took my kids there once, and refused to ever go back. The noise! The running! The shoving! and the totally crappy pizza! Hope you have wine and chocolate for your evening at home once it’s all over.

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