You Are In Charge

I read the book “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)” yesterday.  I had been wanting to read it for years, but kept forgetting about it.  Finally, yesterday I read it from cover to cover.  I believe that I wasn’t meant to read it until now.  That it wasn’t until now that I would have been able to take away from the book what was truly meant to be learned.

First Agreement: Be impeccable with your word.  That means you need to hold yourself to the highest standards when it comes to what you are thinking and saying.  Speaking with Intention.  This can certainly mean that sometimes you are going to speak your truth and it isn’t pretty.  We don’t lie, we don’t cover up, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and say that things that are on our mind.  Find the joy in your words and worry less about the response you going to get. (This doesn’t mean go ahead and be an asshole.)

Second Agreement: Don’t take anything personally.  When someone says something really rude and insulting to you, remember that is saying something about them, not you!  When individuals are scared, threatened or jealous and speak that into the universe that is on them.  We don’t need to fall victim to things that we can’t control.

Third Agreement: Don’t make assumptions.  Find the courage to ask questions, get the answers.  Don’t assume that you know it all or more to the point that others understand exactly what it is you mean or want.  This is often the trouble in intimate personal relationships.  We assume that because someone knows us so well, they should know exactly what we want and what we mean ALL THE TIME.  This is virtually impossible.  So make sure that you are understanding and being understood.  You will be able to avoid so many conflicts with just this one agreement.

Four Agreement: Always do your best.  If you seek to always do your best then the first three agreements will fall into place.  Your best can certainly change.  When you are feeling well, when you are sick or the amount of resources that you have available to you.  In each and every moment if you are doing your best, then that is just it, you are doing your best!

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