Love is a Choice: #Thisis38

This morning I was thinking about friends and family (including myself) who have been through divorce.  The circumstances behind coming to that conclusion.  The grass is always greener epidemic. We get to this point in our lives where we think “there has to be something better.”  The truth is that we can create that somethingContinue reading “Love is a Choice: #Thisis38”

Wellness Wednesday: Week 13

I wake uo nearly every morning and the first thing I do is write in my gratitude journal. I just write whatever flows naturally. This is part of my wellness. Even if I’m tired and sore when I wake up, I can think of things to be grateful for. Nearly every morning God, my husbandContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday: Week 13”

Wellness Wednesday: Week 12

I haven’t done a Wellness Wednesday check in for a month now.  CRAZY.  I was busy getting ready for vacation, then on vacation and then last week trying to get out of the post vacation “let down.” This morning I decided it was important for me to check in for me and see how muchContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday: Week 12”

My Best Friend

Please click and vote: Guys, my best friend is AMAZING. We graduated from college at the same time in spring of 2002. She’s been working for the same district in the same program since fall of 02. She’s a special ed teacher. She teaches in an all inclusive classroom. She teaches all the subjects,Continue reading “My Best Friend”

Slow Down…

For years, I’ve been go go going. Feeling like I always needed to keep up or even more often feeling like I needed to stay ahead of things Pulling myself in so many directions. Signing up for many different things. Trying to be everything to everyone. Last week I was on the vacation of aContinue reading “Slow Down…”

After Death

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my husband’s aunt. I’m pretty fortunate that at 38 I haven’t been to what I would say is a lot of funerals. The “closest” relatives I’ve had pass are great grandparents. I’ve never been involved in funeral arrangements, decisions about the body/burial, etc. Most of the funerals I’veContinue reading “After Death”

Too old and too secure

How many friends/followers do you have on social media? On Facebook I have 300, give or take a few. All but like 10 of them are family or friends that I have in real life. I have requests all the time from people who I haven’t seen in 20+ years and individuals I’ve never evenContinue reading “Too old and too secure”

Family Vacation

I took a week off from posting because we were on family vacation. Last Friday evening at 8pm we set off in our 15 passenger rental van. 11 passengers total, making the trek from Detroit Mi to Daytona Beach Fl. Us and our 6 children, plus my sister and her 2 children. With stops itContinue reading “Family Vacation”