E is for Energy

I had a difficult time deciding between Energy or Energetic.  They both fit my personality so much.  However, I realize that many people feel that they can’t be energetic due to health issue or extenuating circumstances.  For that reason, I chose Energy.

You can choose to go two ways with your energy, positive or negative.  I myself choose positive 99 days out of 100 (we all have our moments).  Let’s start with a look at negative though.

I will not name names, though we ALL know people who fit into both of these categories of life.  Those that see the glass half empty, or honestly wonder if there was ever anything in the class to begin with.  Who wake up first thing in the morning and wonder what there is worth getting out of bed for?  The very same people who probably toss and turn, have a difficult finding peaceful rest to begin with.

When you are spending time with these individuals, they can tend to suck the life out of the room.  Very little is good enough to make them smile.  They would like more of different.  You try to do things to make them happy, spend time with them and engage with very little response. For some reason, they are content staying here in this space.

I am a glass full kind of person.  I have had my moments and stretches (particularly when I found out my ex had cheated on me and we broke up very suddenly.)  Even just a few months after that though, I knew it must have all happened for a reason.  I put a smile on my face most of the time, I got myself out of bed, got jobs to take care of my children and started dating.

When I googled energy in a person, it produced this “a person who is able to spread happiness even in his storm.”  WOW, if that isn’t just about the most incredible definition then I don’t know what is.  It isn’t just a person who has a smile on their face or lights up a room when all is going well for them, but also when it isn’t.  They don’t make everything about them and how they are feeling.  They are able to be in the present, right then and now.

I know that it takes all people to make this world go round.  However, I do believe we get a choice in this.  You get to choose every minute of every day if you are going to give off positive energy or not.  Just because you give off negative once, doesn’t mean you have to keep going down that road, you can turn the day around at any point if you’d like.  When you choose positive there is no telling all the good that you will see and therefore all the good that will come into your life.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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