J is for Joy

I have written a couple of posts on Joy before.  You can find them here. Dedicate: Joy   JOY (Positive Energy Part II)

The idea behind choosing Joy is one that I have been getting behind for awhile now.  Joy is a stronger, less common feeling than happiness.  I absolutely believe it is a choice.  I think that your average person can find a spark of happiness here and there, but joy, well that takes some work.

Webster defines Joy by saying that it is an emotion evoked by well-being.  Well-being is the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy.  Which are all things that we have to work for.  We can’t just sit on our couch, letting life pass us by and expect to find all three of those things on any given day.

I try to be very intentional about what I do with my time and my energy.  I don’t need to sign up for or participate in all of the things.  When I can’t find joy in it for myself, or one of my family members then chances are good it isn’t going to make the cut.  Even tedious every day things like making dinner, packing lunches and doing laundry bring my joy because I am taking care of those I love.  Taking care of those around me is what brings me the most joy in this world.

I have been a part of activities, groups and jobs where my joy was being stolen from me.  Where I went from someone with a smile on every day, to feeling like crying.  The thing is, no one can steal your joy with your permission.  (Obviously there are certain extenuating circumstances)  When I realized that I was feeling that way, I started cutting those people out of my life, started changing the activities and eventually even left that job.

Christian joy is defined as a good feeling in the soul, emotional competency.  I would say that these are right on the nose.  All is well within my soul is something I have heard often in my church or from various people in my life.  Now I know, that must mean the speaker is feeling Joy.



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