My mom jeans

This isn’t your typical wellness post!! It is about body image and mommy mentality.

When I was younger I remember people often referring to a certain style of jean as “mom jeans”. They were typically very long in the pocket/zipper region, buttoned up past the belly button, were more tapered than was trendy and definitely a medium to stone washed color.

Well, yesterday I was wearing my “mom jeans”. While I was wearing them, I thought man, Mom jeans have come along way. More importantly, that Mom jeans had taken on a different meaning to me now at 38, then at 18.

My “mom jeans” are from American Eagle. A store that could’ve been found in most malls around here (when people still regularly shopped at malls). American eagle was aiming toward the teenage and twenties population. They had trendy, but comfortable and reasonably priced clothes.

Four months after I had my youngest son, with some tax return money I bought those jeans. That was 6 years ago. They are very dark blue, they are skinny jeans, in fact they may even be jeggings. I purchased them in my pre-pregnancy size and couldn’t believe how good they made me feel. Even though, I was quite reluctant to purchase such a style.

They sit on my hip bones, no where near my belly button. When the few extra pounds in my belly is there, it isn’t covered, instead it’s exposed.

I don’t wear jeans very often at all, so they are still in very good shape. No rips, no wholes. However, having the same pair of jeans (these are 1 in just 4 pairs that I own) for 6+ years also makes them Mom jeans.

When I was younger I bought myself new jeans every couple of months. Simply because I wanted to, to keep up with trends and to look good. Now, when I have extra money for clothes, it goes to the kids!

Thank goodness 6 years ago I went with the dark, skinny, stretchy jeans. They fit me, allow me to move and still feel good about myself. Somehow miraculously are still in style. My mom jeans are pretty awesome!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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