Do they know?

My husband shared a story with me yesterday. Basically, one of his bosses asked if he was a churchgoer.

He was explaining it to me, how he replied and so on. I’m not sure if it us a necessary question to ask and I’m not sure if my husband brings God up in the workplace.

Then this morning, my bible study was focused on this topic. Do your colleagues know you’re Christian? Do you find it easy to talk to others about your faith?

Church is an extremely important part of my life. It has been since I was little. It has never occurred to me to keep that a secret. I am a regular churchgoer. Perhaps not in the traditional sense. I don’t go sit in a pew every Sunday. Every single Wednesday the kids and I go to our church for dinner and programming.

There have been ebbs and flows in my life of how church is fitting in. I have come to realize in the last 8 or so years, that I don’t have to be in a pew to be close to God. There are so many that are in a pew just because they think they should be.

I’ve been a youth group leader, Sunday school teacher and even was the Christian Ministry Coordinator for a year. I’ve participated in bible studies, sang in the choir and volunteered for numerous church programs.

God and church are at the core of who I am. People who know me, know this about me. Colleagues or otherwise, I’ll always be open about it. More than that though, I would hope that without telling anyone they can feel it by the kind of person I am. That the question are you a churchgoer doesn’t even need to be asked because they already know the answer.

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3 thoughts on “Do they know?

  1. An employer asking an employee about religious preferences is inappropriate and probably actionable. It makes me wonder what would have happened if your husband had proudly declared himself an atheist, rather than the true churchgoer that he is.

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