Sweet Spot

I am in the middle of reading “Remember God” by Annie F. Downs.  I am hoping to push through and finish it in the next 2 hours before I have to go get my youngest from school.  Though, I was moved to stop and post!!

This idea of being in our sweet spot.  When she first refers to it, it is in reference to weight.  As someone who hates the number on the scale, but loves how she looks in the mirror and in clothes this really hit me.  Maybe I am just in my “sweet spot”.  Maybe the number on the scale doesn’t look like I want it to.  The number isn’t meant to look the same as it did 10 years ago and most importantly 20 years ago.

What if right here and right now in my life, this is the sweet spot though?  I had to make what felt like a terribly large decision yesterday.  I am director with Thirty-one gifts and I won a cruise.  Well, yesterday after days, weeks, months of wrestling around with it, my husband I decided to opt out of the trip.

At first when I won it, I was ECSTATIC.  I busted my Ass to win that trip and was so proud of myself.  I finally had a good reason to force my husband to go on a cruise, that he didn’t really want to ever go on.  LOL.  The more that time went on, I thought about all that would go into it.  All the time, the energy, the plans, not to mention the money.  More than that though, the time away from my kids.  The vacation time we would be using that we then couldn’t use throughout the rest of the year.  Missing my youngest daughter’s birthday.  All things that just weren’t settling well with me.

As soon as I checked that opt-out button yesterday, I felt a huge weight lift off of me.  Maybe, I am in my sweet spot.  Choosing to not go on that cruise, doesn’t take at all away from the fact that I earned it!  How hard I worked to earn it.

There will be a day when my husband I take a cruise.  This just wasn’t the time.  I am in my sweet spot here.  The spot where thinking about my family as whole is most important.  The time, the energy and the money.  How can it be best used to serve all of us.

We have a graduation and a wedding to look forward to this year.  Times of celebration and family.  In the mean time, I am happy to sit on my couch, on my days off and read.  Allowing words to shape me and move me.  Feeding and Fueling myself just as I need to, to stay in this sweet spot!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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