Crazy Things We Do

For a few months now I have been thinking about getting a second dog.  I hadn’t really said much out loud because the last time we had two dogs, it didn’t turn out well. Read about that here Ten Minutes: Yesterday…

Anyhow, after everything started shutting down due to COVID-19 my feed was flooded with friends sharing that dogs needed to be fostered.  There was an abundance of dogs in shelters and due to everything, there just wasn’t enough people to take care of them.  Well, one night I inquired.  I wanted to get some questions answered.  I like to ask questions, I try to set myself up to know as much as I can to make an informed decision.

Well, I received an e-mail back from the Detroit Animal Care and Control on a Thursday morning.  I then told my husband about it, befriended a volunteer from the Shelter and asked many, many questions.  The simplest of answers was that we would have to go down to the shelter and see what dogs were still there.  They were practicing social distancing, you couldn’t go into the shelter.  You would fill out paperwork, tell them about your family and they would bring dogs out for you to see.

We had a couple of dogs we had seen on the site that we inquired about.  Most of them had already been fostered out (thankfully) and a couple of them weren’t going to be a good fit for our house because of our other dog and our children.  Well, they had 1 on our list, her name was Lady.  They brought her out to meet me and another young lady who was there to see her as well.  The connection between the two of them was undeniable, so I bowed back and said “bring me another”.

At that time, my volunteer went back into the shelter to see who was left that she thought would suit our household.  She brought out Mew (what a name).  Mew is what they call a “Detroit Special”, meaning that she is a mutt and they have no idea what breeds she is.  They estimate her to be about a year old and she was gorgeous.  We went into a big, outdoor kennel so that we could talk with her and pet her.  The kids fell in love instantly.  I messaged my husband, told her about her and told her that we were bringing her home.

This call for help from the shelters seemed like the best opportunity for our family.  We could foster a dog through all of this mess and if all went well, then we would adopt.  We have had Mew for 2 weeks now.  Her name now is Covi.  Clever huh?  If it weren’t for this terrible virus taking over the world, we wouldn’t have gone down to a shelter in Detroit to foster a dog on a random Thursday morning.  So, for us and our family, it just makes sense.


Covi is the one sitting on the couch, being sniffed out by our Blue Pit, Sky!

We have had her for 2 weeks now and she is fitting in very well.  She has accidents in the house still, but other than that she is great.  She enjoys long walks, cuddling with her humans and even playing with and laying next to her dog sibling.  I see absolutely zero reason that we wouldn’t adopt her, but don’t tell the kids that!

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