Week 5 of Quarantine

As of today, we have been home for 5 full weeks.  5 weeks that my kids haven’t been at school, seen their friends and just gone out to do their normal things.  5 weeks that I haven’t worked as a substitute teacher.  5 weeks since the older 3 kids have been to our house. 5 weeks since we last saw my Mom in person and gave her a hug.  5 weeks since we sat around a table and had lunch with friends.

It has also been 5 weeks of extra special time with my children.  5 weeks of figuring out how as a Mom, I can best support them with at-home learning.  5 weeks of being creative and thinking outside the box.  5 weeks of reading new books, playing new games and doing new puzzles.

There have been many times in these last 5 weeks that we have been more annoyed with each other than usual.  5 weeks of togetherness leads to a lot of short fuses and sassy words. 5 weeks of emotions and grief that we are feeling and don’t know how to express.

5 weeks of news conferences and press releases.  5 weeks of listening to people think that they know what is best.  5 weeks of codes, only to be extended by another.  5 weeks of some people thinking about how this affects the greater good and others thinking only about how it affects them.

5 weeks of Grace!  Grace for myself, for my children, for my partner, for my family.  5 weeks of grace for the president, for the governor and for all people on my social media.

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

One thought on “Week 5 of Quarantine

  1. Yep, there’s good and bad in a lockdown. I don’t know if it’s worse to be alone at home for 5 weeks, home with just an annoying spouse, or home with bored kids and an annoying spouse. But in some cases it gives people a chance to reconnect with spouses and children. Sounds like you’re firmly in the latter group. and your family will be even stronger when this passes. Stay safe and healthy in the meantime.


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