Staying At Home

We have now been home for 6.5 weeks.  Today starts week 7 of Homeschooling and the good news is, we have 7 weeks left!  We have made it about half way through.

Last week my husband had Wednesday through Friday off of work.  Back in November he had requested the week off, because we were supposed to go on a cruise.  Well, he decided to take some days off to stay home with us anyway.

Since Dad was home, I gave the kids some “vacation” days!  I mean, we all know there is no chance to get focused work done when Dad is home!  LOL.  Paul was ready to head back to work this morning and as much as I love him, I was certainly ready for it to.

Even though, our daily homeschooling plan is anything but normal, we have certainly developed a routine that works for us.  One that makes me happy and that the kids are falling into stride with.  I feel capable and genuinely feel like I am helping them to progress to the next grade.

My husband is much more likely than me to want to be home.  To stay home, relax and do nothing.  But, even with his days off being able to “relax” isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  Wednesday is the same as Thursday, is the same as Sunday when you can’t do anything.  Paul has gone to work nearly every week day since this started and I have been home with the kids.  I envy him in a bit being able to see people everyday and I think that he was envious of me a bit being able to stay home.  Well, now he sees that “stay at home” isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

Here we are though, first day of week 7.  We will keep on powering through and be stronger for it in the end.

Happy Monday ❤

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