It is 2020 people!!!!

Last night my husband and I stood in the kitchen and talked as I was preparing dinner.  Then again while we were tidying up from dinner.  A conversation that was making my heart ache.  How could someone the on the outside seemed so much like me, think something so different?  Believe that this behavior was OK?  Not just believe it, but post about it, regulary!!!

I don’t always agree with people and I am OK with that.  There are people that I am friends with on social media whom I have unfollowed, so that their energy doesn’t show up on my feed.  This is for my benefit, so that I don’t get myself all riled up.  Having a difference of opinion is amazing and can even be beneficial.  Ignorance on the other hand, I have no tolerance for.

It is 2020 and I am nearly 40 years old.  I have an opinion, I do not stand idly by while my husband tells me which way to think.  In addition to that, I do not allow media to tell me how to think or news either.  My head and my heart lead me.  My morals and my ethics, guide me to what is right.  I am 100% OK with questioning something, with asking people I am close to and even looking for the devils advocate responses.

I wasn’t raised to keep my mouth shut.  Perhaps to close it a little bit more than I do, but certainly not to stay quiet.  It causes friction, my husband and I probably get into many more disagreements because of it.  I refuse to just believe something simply because someone else tells me to.  I ask clarifying questions and I push back!

My family and friends are the most important to me.  I make decisions based off the greater good, not simply for myself in the little convenient box that I could choose to live in because it would be easier.


Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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