Yesterday Pt 2

A couple of years ago I wrote this post… Yesterday

Well this is the same story, only it happened again.  My husband says that it isn’t the same.  Tell that to my heart because it sure feels the same.

8 weeks ago we picked up a foster pup from a shelter.  We didn’t know anything about her, but we knew that we needed to help.  This beautiful brindle mutt was brought out to us and we fell in love immediately.  That is what happens for me, James, Jordan and Noah.  We give our hearts over to something until they do us wrong.

This week, after 8 weeks of living together the aggressive play between the foster pup and our resident dog increased.  Then on Thursday evening the foster pup took it a step to far in our 7 year old’s bedroom, trying to bite our resident pup.  With sounds that I am not sure I will ever get over my head.  Sounds of the dogs snarling and the kids screaming.

We knew then that this beautiful little girl couldn’t stay with us any longer.  Yesterday morning we went back to the shelter to drop her off.  There is an emptiness in our hearts, there is a big open space in our laundry room where her crate sat and empty space on the couch or our laps where she would have been curled up.

It was very hard to say goodbye.  She was lovely, beautiful and an loved to snuggle.   I know that we loved her as well as we could for 8 weeks.  Our family prepared her to be loved by another family (perhaps one without another dog).  The right family for her wasn’t available to go rescue her 8 weeks ago, but they will be now.  This is what I have to tell myself so that my heart isn’t so sad.


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One thought on “Yesterday Pt 2

  1. You did the right thing. Although it was probably just a power struggle which would eventually have resolved itself, neither you nor your kids need to witness what could have been some very serious incidents. Hopefully, someone will adopt that dog who doesn’t already have a dog at home; some dogs simply don’t play well with others.

    It could have been so much worse, though. Our first family dog was a mixed 2-year-old lab we brought home from a shelter. She was fine for the first couple of weeks but then began getting nasty with family members. Although she was the first dog for our family, I personally had prior dog-owning experience (Siberian Huskies can be tough, too), but this dog was something else. My kids were terrified of her. One day I was reading the paper, and she began nudging and pushing me, not as if she wanted attention but as if she wanted me to vacate my position. The first time, I eased her down and told her to sit – and she did, for about 30 seconds. The second time she jumped a bit more aggressively, and I pushed her down and told her to sit – and she did, for about 20 seconds. The third time, she LUNGED at me, and I grabbed her in mid-air and put her outside. The next morning she was returned to the shelter. I’ve never regretted that decision. There was something wrong with that dog; we’ve had many dogs since, including some breeds that tend toward aggressiveness, and we have never had a problem like we did with that lab.


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