Blocked on Social Media

I know that many of the people here, who read this blog and share their blogs are from different places other than the United States, let alone Michigan.  Here in Michigan we have been in a stay at home order for like 8.5 weeks, but today marks 10 weeks since the schools closed.  10 weeks ago today was the last day that my children had some semblance of what a “normal” day looks like for them.

Anyhow, over the last couple of months my social media feed has been full of people who agree or are against and fall anywhere in between.  News flash, that is OK!!  What you do with your time, your body and your family…is up to you.  Just don’t get mad at me if I choose to stay away from it. Not a single person knows what the right thing to do is, we are all just guessing.  The grand idea is that if it works, we will never know that it did work.  So then the people against will say “see that wasn’t so bad”!  It is all a giant cluster, if you know what I mean.

As I get older, I appreciate opposing opinions more.  There is something to learn, to gain from them.  What has become important to me in my life at nearly 40 is much different than what it was at 20 and probably what it will be at 60.  I accept that, even if sometimes it leaves me scratching my head, I accept it.  If I didn’t accept it, I would never be able to be in the same room with so many people that I love so very much.

I have ideas and points that I try to make and sometimes social media is the platform on which I do it.  I try not to be too polarizing though.  I try not to ever say, “here is what I think and if you don’t think like me you are obviously wrong and a loser.”  I stop myself before sharing articles that I am afraid are just half truths and I also try to read multiple articles about the same story, from different sources so that I may get a better idea of what the “real story” is.

There is someone on my Facebook with whom I was friends with for years, but unfollowed after just a couple of months..  This “friend” is one of my husband’s family members.  So accepting the friendship was a courtesy, but after seeing what she posts, I knew that it was not going to fuel me in any type of positive way.  When something happens that I “need” to know, my husband enlightens me.

Well, I have been a glutton for punishment the last few weeks.  I have been going onto her profile daily to see what nonsense she posts.  I say “nonsense” because it is typically from an unverified source, a site or channel that no one has ever even heard of and when googled can not be found.  The biggest issue is, that she keeps saying how people who don’t feel like her are “sheep”.  That your faith in the Lord must not be strong enough, if you don’t believe that he will just keep you from this virus.  So therefore, you shouldn’t have to wear a mask, practice social distancing or follow these executive orders if you are Christian enough.

For weeks this has been making my blood boil, making my heart sad.  How could someone, anyone think this?  How could they think it so strongly that they post about it nonstop and go live professing the same attitude.

Well, last night she took all of the posts to a whole new level.  An article from 3 years ago (which I imagine she didn’t even bother to notice) about our president.  Her comment to go with it said “…thank you for caring for our children. You are the only president who has.”  I am sorry, WHAT????  I didn’t even have to go into the damn article to call HORSE SHIT!  Nothing against Trump, not at all, I believe that he cares about our children just fine.  However, he is at the end of a line of presidents who also have cared about our children.  *You know America, full of presidents who hate kids!! WTF

I almost vomited, right there on our couch.  My husband could tell by my reaction that I was looking at the same thing that he was.  Now, even though he will read and make some type of joke to me about the posts, he very rarely gets involved.  Well, this was enough.  He posts an article that was stating the opposite of hers, when I went in to read it, it had been deleted.  WITHIN seconds!

Then he posted again, again deleted.  While he was trying to post for the 3rd time, another person also posted a position similar to that of my husband’s.  Not only were both of those posts deleted, but then he was blocked!  The next time he went to comment, she was nowhere to be found.  Not on mind either, we had been blocked.  Blocked for having a different opinion, blocked for challenging, blocked for not becoming one of her “sheep.”

It is terrible to become a sheep of the media and certainly of the democratic party, but becoming one of her sheep well, now that is the only acceptable way to live!

I love my God.  I have faith in my God.  I am not living in fear, but in hope.  Hope that if I do what I can to help the greater good, we will be through this to the other side sooner rather than later.  I don’t want to stand on an ivory tower stating that my way is the only way, for that is much too high to fall from.


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