Proverbs #40in2020

The book of proverbs is my favorite in the bible. The purpose of this book is for the gaining of wisdom and instruction. Learning more about how we should be living this life we were blessed with.

When we allow ourselves to open our hearts and our minds we can get guidance and gain understanding. Receiving special instruction for doing what is just, right and fair. Which I have been needing more right now, than I ever remember needing it before.

Every morning I read the bible. I have the bible app on my phone to make it easier. Though I have about half a dozen bibles on my bookshelf as well. I have been doing a special plan, Bible in a Year. I look forward to it every day and read my selected text before I do anything else.

Typically, I am doing another plan or even two concurrently. Right now, I am doing a 40 day plan on Proverbs with a good friend. In May, I did a 31 day plan through the book of Proverbs.

My heart and my soul need proverbs right now. My mind and my conscience need Proverbs right now. Most of my very favorite bible verses come right out of Proverbs. I save them to my phone so that I can go back and reflect on them. Sometimes, I even use them for the wallpaper on my phone when it is a theme that I need to remind myself of.

In my plan with my good friend, there is a “Talk it Over” section after we have done our readings. Today our reading was Proverbs 2: 1-6, but I read the whole chapter anyway. Then I concluded with this “Wisdom and Understanding. Admitting that we do not know everything. That we are always learning and growing. Seeking to understand without assuming that we already know is a very powerful thing.”

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