The Weary World Rejoices

I feel like these lyrics right here are EVERYTHING 2020. These 4 words from “O Holy Night” strike me over and over again. Every single day during this holiday season, I am feeling this message in my heart.

All year long I have been using the Bible app on my phone. It started Jan 1st, reading the bible in a year. I have stayed caught up and so happy that in just 15 days, I will have ready the entire bible from cover to cover. Starting the bible in a year, led to many other bible plans being followed.

During Advent, I have done at least 5 with the advent theme. I am currently reading one called “Illuminate”. Today’s devotional was all about the idea of joy.

With everything that is going on this year, this holiday season, we have plenty of things that are threatening to steal our joy. However, if we choose, if we allow his joy to spread through us, then no disappointments can stop us from looking toward his return!

In the last week or so, I feel like our family has been bombarded with changes of schedules, mixed up plans, overwhelming stress and anxiety. Typically, I will keep telling myself not to focus on these things and get distracted by something good, something that I am looking forward to. I am finding it hard to look forward to anything right now.

So, this study today helped me remember who I am at my core. That I am capable of looking for an finding the joy, of looking ahead to that instead of getting stuck in the uncertainties and disappointments. “Unrealized expectations are the biggest joy zappers.” Ain’t that the truth? Lower your expectations and you will have fewer disappointments.

I leave you with this question….are you living in the happiness of the moment and bringing joy to those around you?? My answer…I am trying!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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