FBF: Just a Little Bit Scared

I decided to share this post.  In sharing this post, I must admit that I didn’t go and do that run a year ago.  My heart was never in it and I just couldn’t force myself.  It wasn’t about the training, it wasn’t about being physically ready.  I couldn’t push myself to get over aContinue reading “FBF: Just a Little Bit Scared”

FBF: A Life Lived Better

Throwing it back to a post from last July.  One that I have already shared for FBF once back in January, when I still had only a handful of followers.  This is one of my favorite posts.  So…I decided to share it again. No one can change your life perspective but you.  The things youContinue reading “FBF: A Life Lived Better”

FBF: Cleaning Up After Yourself

As parents we will never stop reminding the kids to clean up after themselves.  As a mother and the kind of person that I am, I will never stop feeling that is important. Saturday night found Paul and I engaged in some heavy discipline with our kids.  5 of the kids were playing downstairs whenContinue reading “FBF: Cleaning Up After Yourself”

Lying to our kids

I had forgotten all about this conversation with my ex.  It happened a year ago on my birthday.  I hope that now, they know I had no ill intentions or malice when talking to the kids about it! First off I would like to say this is a topic that I am genuinely interested inContinue reading “Lying to our kids”

FBF: If I can do it. .. so can you!

The post that started it all! People always say there isn’t enough time.   Well I find that to be a load of crap.   I am 34 with a husband, at any given time 1 to 6 kids in my house and a full time job. This month I made … Source: If I can doContinue reading “FBF: If I can do it. .. so can you!”

Public Speaking

I have done quite a few more training’s in the last year.  Plus, I have written at least 4 more training’s that I can think of.  I also presented at the Michigan Association for the Education of the Young Child twice this year. As I opened my Time Hop this morning, I noticed that 2 ofContinue reading “Public Speaking”

FBF: Weight For an Excuse

Watching the new season of this show, I am even more irritated that this is what happened last year.  I still REALLY dislike her husband. Ok…so as per usual on a Tuesday morning I am watching reality TV.  Today I am watching the RHOOC episode from last night.  Not more than five minutes in toContinue reading “FBF: Weight For an Excuse”

FBF: Have you discovered the Secret?

Yesterday I stumbled on this post…Kind Thought of The Day.  Then a little while later in my TimeHop came a reminder about this post written 1 year ago.  It was meant to be.   A couple of days ago a Facebook friend posted a quote.  I found myself commenting on it without even really thinking.Continue reading “FBF: Have you discovered the Secret?”

FBF: Someone Who Hurt You!

For those of you who have put 2 and 2 together and for those who haven’t.  I wrote the letter to Jess back in March, before I found her blogging on WordPress.  The second is a post that she wrote yesterday. I am sharing this in hopes that people can understand that things can change,Continue reading “FBF: Someone Who Hurt You!”