Flashback Friday: Losing Friends because of Life

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I hold this sadness in the pit of my stomach.  It has been there for 3 1/2 years.  I still think about it every day, dream about it and get upset about it. Three and a half years ago, I lost the best group of friends I had…

Flashback Friday: Choosing my kids

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Ok, so I am watching Real Housewives of New York as I write this…I love Bravo reality TV!  As I am watching I find myself yelling at the TV, which then sparked me to blog.  There is a group of women accusing one of the other women of…

Flashback Friday: Dance Recitals, Step Mothers and Ex-Husbands OH MY!

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My beautiful 6 year old daughter had her dance recital yesterday. ? Which in and of itself is an event I am not very good with. ?Tons of small girls, “dance moms” (you know the ones I mean), make up applying, hair doing and all in what seems…

Flashback Friday: My story to share

Source: My story to share I am using this blog as inspiration to start a book.  I really really want to write a book and what better place to start then when my life as I know it started.  The title will be Karmatic: 5 Years Later.  Here is a link to the preview (mostlyContinue reading “Flashback Friday: My story to share”

Flashback Friday: Calling all Teenage Bloggers

I know, I know I am only “Flashing Back” to 5 days ago.  The point is that I am really excited about this project and I want to get AS MANY teenagers on board as I can.  So, share it with your friends and your friends friends.  Have them connect with me so that weContinue reading “Flashback Friday: Calling all Teenage Bloggers”

Flashback Friday: Lifelong Learning

This was orignially posted back in June.  I think that the thought, motivation and inspiration behind it are still very important.  As days, weeks and months go on, I try to keep this list in mind to guide the way I want to live my life! Please click the link below to read. https://cmugrad817.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/lifelong-learning/

Flashback Friday, My 1st Blog Post

Giving some love to my first blog post. When no one was following, no one was reading and I decided to try this thing out. I still firmly believe in the if I can do it, so can you. We make time for what is important to us. End of story. Source: If I canContinue reading “Flashback Friday, My 1st Blog Post”