Manic Monday Check-In: 2/15

I am just not even sure where to start with all the amazing things that happened on my blog this past week!!! On Wednesday I hit 200 followers and as of right now, I’m at 230. On Thursday I hit 1,000 total likes. On Friday I received a notification for the most “likes” in aContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 2/15”

Manic Monday Check-In 2/8

Well…..its official, I’m addicted to blogging and all things that come with it.  I love reading other bloggers posts, seeing my stats and sitting with my laptop on my lap first thing in the morning to put together a post.  I enjoy all of the “awards”, even though they are silly, I feel like itContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In 2/8”

Monday Check-In February 1st

Wow, what a week for Blogging.  What a month for Blogging. Making Time For Me soared in stats both last week and the month in January.  Another great week and my best month ever. Last week I had a total of 463 views, 182 visitors, 189 likes and 41 comments. For the month of JanuaryContinue reading “Monday Check-In February 1st”

Monday Check-In 1/25

OK, so again I owe so many thanks to all of you readers for the success of my Blog this past week. I enjoy coming on here, writing and seeing all the comments, likes and posts for my fellow bloggers.  What a wonderful community; full of love and support from all around the world. SometimeContinue reading “Monday Check-In 1/25”

My Monday Check-In 1/18

This has been an incredible week for my Blog. I am pretty sure last week was my best week ever statistically speaking.  524 views, where on a typical week before I was landing between 100 and 200. 92 likes and 20 comments.  I had only had 19 comments total in all of 2015. Tikeetha TContinue reading “My Monday Check-In 1/18”

Monday Check-In 1/11

Unlike most people, I don’t tend to dread Monday’s.  I like schedule, I like routine and I like the things that I have chosen to do with my life.  I look forward to going to work, nearly every single day and I look forward to my evenings on the couch with my husband.  Everything inContinue reading “Monday Check-In 1/11”

Just another Manic Monday

Weighing in at 160lbs.  That’s right, I just posted that.  I realize to some that isn’t an astronomical number.  That being said that is the most I have weighed on a daily basis outside of pregnancy.  It isn’t so much about the number, it is about how my clothes are fitting.  I just need toContinue reading “Just another Manic Monday”