Thursday’s Thoughts (Purpose)

Welcome to Thursday’s Thoughts! The Thursday’s thoughts link up where you will use a prompt word to inspire your writing. This week’s word is *Purpose*. Each week I post a word or phrase and you will write using that word for your inspiration.  You will have 72 hours to link up your story, poem, picture orContinue reading “Thursday’s Thoughts (Purpose)”

2016 Reading Challenge

I have an app called Good Reads, which I love.  You can see what friends are reading, look at reviews and ratings of books.  As well as keep track of the books you want to read, are reading and have read.  It is wonderful. Last year in February, I downloaded this app and decided toContinue reading “2016 Reading Challenge”

What do you think about…Gun Control?

Well for my first “Think about it Tuesday” I decided on a topic that is all over the news right now. It was the first thing in my Monday Morning briefing email that I receive from the New York Times.  As far as I can tell there will be some big announcement today and atContinue reading “What do you think about…Gun Control?”

Just another Manic Monday

Weighing in at 160lbs.  That’s right, I just posted that.  I realize to some that isn’t an astronomical number.  That being said that is the most I have weighed on a daily basis outside of pregnancy.  It isn’t so much about the number, it is about how my clothes are fitting.  I just need toContinue reading “Just another Manic Monday”

My New Blog Format

After much research over the last two weeks, I have decided to try something new.  Purposeful blogging.  Instead of just writing something random every day, I will keep within a daily theme.  Each day will have its own purpose.  That isn’t to say that I will blog every day, but if I do it willContinue reading “My New Blog Format”